10 Clothing Companies that Support Animal Rescue and Welfare

10 Clothing Companies that Support Animal Rescue and Welfare

Why not help save animals and look good while doing it? As I’ve shared before, there are so many ways to get involved in the rescue community and these companies show how a simple action such as  ordering a cute tee shirt is an opportunity for you to give back.

So to make it easy for you, here’s a list of 10 amazing clothing companies that support and raise awareness for animal rescue and welfare organizations. While I was specifically looking for clothing companies, I’m glad to say that most (if not all) companies listed below sell more than just clothing – they even sell drinkware, home goods, accessories…you name it! 

Animal Hearted

Who is Animal Hearted? “Animal Hearted Apparel is a clothing company with a conscience. Like you, we are passionate about animals. Not only do we make fun and creative clothing and accessories for animal lovers, we are dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals.”

How do they give back? 25% of proceeds from every order is donated to a non-profit animal shelter or rescue.

What can you buy from Animal Hearted? Everything from animal or breed-specific men’s and women’s apparel to keychains, beanies and socks. The site makes it easy for you to find what you need by breaking it down by type of animal, specific breeds or by a certain category (parody, holidays, awareness etc.). You can also get custom merchandise because why not get a shirt with your pet’s picture on it. 

For The Love of Animals

Who is For The Love of Animals? For The Love of Animals (FTLA) “is an Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free, Fashionable line of Apparel for Animal Lovers, Activists, Vegans & Animal Companions.”

How do they give back? There’s so many things I love about FTLA. First and foremost, FTLA is 100% cruelty free, eco-friendly AND sweat shop free – all words I love to hear. FTLA donates a portion of its sales to animal rescue and welfare organizations. What’s more, for every order, FTLA plants 10 trees. To date, FTLA has planted over 4,500 trees in Madagascar where several species of lemurs are endangered.

What can you buy from FTLA? Women’s, men’s and unisex apparel, hats, clothing for your fur babies, infant/children apparel, home goods and accessories – even customizable beach towels so you can “bring” your pet with you to the beach!

Photo: FTLA Apparel

Arm The Animals

Who is Arm The Animals? Arm The Animal’s mission is to “raise funds and awareness while providing support for animal welfare organizations.”

How do they give back? Arm The Animals donates funds and has supplied low-cost website development, graphics and marketing services to animal welfare organizations.

What can you buy from Arm The Animals? Men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, stickers, notebooks, pet apparel and accessories, shower curtains, mugs, candles, backpacks…and more! You can also customize your order to have your own pet’s face on apparel or accessories.

Photo: Arm The Animals

Rescue Strong

Who is Rescue Strong? Rescue Strong “gives back and creates quality goods that sparks conversation and awareness about animal rescue.”

How do they give back? 50% of Rescue Strong’s proceeds are given back to animal rescue, through donations, project funding and to support others who are raising awareness.

What can you buy from Rescue Strong? Men’s, women’s and unisex apparel and accessories including bags and totes, phone cases, stickers, buttons and pins and “day packs” for field trips.

Photo: Rescue Strong

I’d Rather Be With My Dog

Who is IRBWMD? I’d Rather Be With My Dog (IRBWMD) “isn’t just a clothing company, it’s a life style brand or a mantra for people who are truly ‘obsessed’ with their dogs.” (*Raising my hand over here!)

How do they give back? IRBWMD donates anywhere from 5-20% of its sales to a different rescue or cause each month.

What can you buy from IRBWMD? Men’s, women’s and unisex apparel, hats and accessories for both humans and furry friends. It even includes plural versions for all of you who want to show your obsession for more than one pet.


Who is iHeartDogs? iHeartDogs is a veteran-owned brand that believes “every dog matters” and makes products that support animal shelters. Check out their “Dogifesto” – it’s truly worth the read and really hits home for all of us animal rescue advocates and supporters.

How do they give back? This will be a long list, because iHeartDogs gives back in so many ways! iHeartDogs has different Give Back collections and a purchase from a certain collection will give back to a specific organization in a meaningful way. One thing I love is that iHeartDogs has a “running tally” of its impact at the top of the page so you can see just how much they do, in fact, give back. The collections and amount given back to-date includes (but aren’t limited to – there’s more on the website!)

Photo: iHeartDogs
  • Pets & Vets: provides funds to help pair companion dogs with veterans. $257,000 funded for service dogs to-date
  • Project Play: donates a durable toy to a shelter pup for every Project Play™ toy purchased. 131,000 toys donated to-date
  • Second Chance Movement: contributes travel miles to help with the transportation of adoptable pets. 128,000 rescue miles funded to-date
  • Feeding Shelter Dogs: provides meals for shelter dogs. 12 million shelter meals donated to-date 

What can you buy from iHeartDogs? Honestly…too many things to list! You can get dog “stuff” including toys, supplies, health items and supplements and treats, apparel and accessories for men and women, home goods including drinkware, décor and pet-related items and much more. iHeartDogs also has customizable options so you can get whatever your heart desires.

Hendrick & Co.

Who is Hendrick & Co.? “Hendrick & Co. was founded in 2011 simply to save animals in need.”

How do they give back? For every item purchased, Hendrick & Co. donates $10 to save animals. Hendrick & Co. has partnered with over 600 rescues, shelters and sanctuaries across the U.S. and Canada and has donated over $1 million to-date.

What can you buy from Hendrick & Co.? Women’s and men’s apparel, jewelry, drinkware, accessories and fun items just for your pet.

Photo: Hendrick & Co.

Fetching Apparel

Who is Fetching Apparel? “Cute Clothes for a Cause!” Fetching Apparel’s mission is to help homeless pets find their forever homes.

How do they give back? 40% of Fetching Apparel’s profits go to animal rescue organizations and spay/neuter programs. This month, Fetching Apparel is donating to the Neonatal Kitten Rescue of Johnson City.

What can you buy from Fetching Apparel? Men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel, accessories and even some fun items for your pet.

Photo: Fetching Apparel


Who is Pawz? Pawz raises money for euthanasia awareness and animal rescue through the sales of fun shirts!

How do they give back? Pawz donates 10% of its net profits to animal shelters across the U.S.

What can you buy from Pawz? Lots and lots of tops – tank tops, long sleeve tops, outerwear and tee shirts for both men and women. Pawz also has cute accessories including jewelry, bags, sunglasses and more.

Photo: Pawz

Rescue Project

Who is Rescue Project? This one is for you athletes and adventurers out there! Rescue Project is “a collective not-for-profit effort to support animal rescue through the community of athletes and adventurers all over the world.” I love Rescue Project’s mission to support the animal rescue and wellness community through active lifestyles.

How do they give back? Rescue Project donates proceeds from sales to rescue organizations throughout the world and uses social media as a tool to help grow a network of animal advocates.

What can you buy from Rescue Project? All things athletic and outdoors-y. Race jerseys, tanks and shorts, gloves, water bottles, socks and more!

Photo: Rescue Project

Check back soon for more roundups like this…there’s so many other companies who donate and support animal rescue and welfare, and I’ll try to share as many as I can!


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