10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Animal Lover in Your Life

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Animal Lover in Your Life

February is the month of love and, as we all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Not sure what to get your husband, wife, significant other, friend…whoever it may be? Well, while I myself have never been one for grand gestures or extravagant gifts, I love a good excuse to shop for animal-related gifts. 

So if you’re shopping for an animal lover in your life this Valentine’s Day, here are 10 last-minute gift ideas to inspire you and help you find the perfect little something! 

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

For that someone who likes caffeine and likes to give back

Why they need it: One word: caffeine. I might be a little biased because I drink multiple cups of coffee today, but you can never go wrong with some good ol’ coffee. Grounds & Hounds is the perfect choice because the organization supports rescue initiatives and organizations. 20% of all profits are shared with rescue organizations.

Where to buy it: Just head over to Grounds & Hounds’ website and you can find all sorts of yummy coffee roasts (I’m a sucker for breakfast blend). You can even grab some apparel, coffee mugs, stickers and brewing gear while you’re there!

Photo: Grounds & Hounds

Rescued Wine Candles

For that someone who likes to enjoy a little wine and a little ambiance

Why they need it: Because the candles are hand-poured and hand-blended in small batches right in California. 10% of all profits go towards animal rescue as well – so give back and have a house that smells good!

Where to buy it: Right on the Rescued Wine website! Choose from their signature, balance, spirits or pet collection.

Photo: Rescued Wine Candles

Furbo Dog Camera

For that someone with an extra-spoiled furry friend

Why they need it: Working pet parents always have a sense of guilt every time they leave the home. With the Furbo Dog Camera, they can keep spoiling their pup even when they aren’t home!

Where to buy it: Right on the Furbo website or on Amazon

Photo: Furbo

"Rescued" book

For that someone who needs the perfect (tear-jerking) coffee table book

Why they need it: Who doesn’t love a feel-good,pro-rescue book? It’s a story about unconditional love – and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is about anyway? 

Where to buy it: You can find a good deal on BarnesandNoble.com or on Amazon. You can always check out some of your local bookstore as well!

Photo: Barnes & Noble

Dog Butt Magnets

For that someone with a sense of humor

Why they need it: I don’t think this one needs an explanation! But really, this is a fun, small gift that any dog-lover or comedian in your life would love.

Where to buy it: You have many options! A simple Google search will reveal many different online stores sell these. My personal favorite? Amazon – you can even get farm, safari or whale butt magnets (who wouldn’t want those?)

Photo: Amazon

"All You Need is Love...and a Dog" sign

For that someone who just can't hide their love for dogs - and doesn't want to

Why they need it: A cute sign is the perfect way for that someone in your life to continue spreading their dog-craziness…all over their home! 

Where to buy it: You can find similar signs in all shapes, sizes or colors. Check out Etsy or Amazon – the one pictured here is from Chewy!

Photo: Chewy

Bullymake Box Subscription

For that someone with a power chewing pup (who just wants a little quiet time)

Why they need it: If someone has a strong chewer, finding durable toys and treats can be near impossible. Bullymake boxes are the perfect solution! Each box contains a couple “rough and tough”  toys and 3-4 treats. 

Where to buy it: Head on over to the Bullymake website. If you want them to try it out first, just order a single box. There are also options for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. 

Photo: Bullymake

iHeartDogs Paw-Shaped Bracelet

For that someone who likes to wear their love for animals on their sleeve (or...wrist!)

Why they need it: This beautiful bracelet will let them proudly wear their love for their pets. They can dress it up or dress it down. What’s more, “every Second Chance Movement purchase provides travel miles that contribute to the transportation of animals from overcrowded shelters to areas where there is high demand for pets.”

Where to buy it: Buy right from iHeartDogs. This is limited edition (only 250 made) so grab it while you can! 

Photo: iHeartDogs

Pet-Inspired Flowers

For that someone who's a little more traditional...but with a twist

Why they need it: Flowers are the “traditional” Valentine’s Day gift – but that doesn’t mean your flower display has to be traditional! And the dog is pretty darn cute, I must add.

Where to buy it: This doggy display is from 1-800-Flowers.com. They have an entire “a-DOG-able” collection you can choose from! You can also check out your local florist to see if they’re able to do something similar.

Photo: 1-800-flowers.com

Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glass

(with a bottle of wine, of course) for that someone who loves to...well, who loves wine

Why they need it: Pets can be rambunctious. They must have drinkware that can withstand the power of a dog with zoomies or a mischievous cat. Spilled wine is worth crying over, so this is the perfect gift for the vino lover in your life.

Where to buy it: This one is from Amazon. You can find similar styles at other shops like iHeartDogs.

Photo: Amazon

Happy Valentine’s Day all you (animal) lovers out there! Don’t forget to share your favorite animal-related gifts below. 

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