Customizable Gifts Every Crazy Pet Person Needs

Customizable Gifts Every Crazy Pet Person Needs

I’m the first to admit it – I’m a crazy dog mom. I think about my dog all the time, try to bring her up in every conversation and show off her pictures as if she’s my newborn baby (I mean, look at that face – who wouldn’t!). 

Because I find every excuse to show her off, it’s only natural that I have many accessories and clothing items that either have her face on it or are inspired by her. 

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for all the crazy pet people in your life! I have many of the items listed already – the others I’ve heard positive reviews for and I’m sure by the end of the year (…or month) I’ll check everything off the list!

With Mother’s Day coming up (and Father’s Day will be here before we know it too), share this with your family and friends – or use it to get inspired for your gift-giving!  


Why it’s the perfect gift: Almost everyone has a PopSocket these days, and who wouldn’t want to look down at their phone and see their pet? Yes, chances are they have a photo of their pet as the background (…I do!). A custom PopSocket is an extra way to bring out the crazy pet parent in them. 

Where to buy it: Design your own at

Pop Your Pup Shirt

Why it’s the perfect gift: Because we want to share our love for our pets – loud and proud! Not only is it fun to have a photo of your pet on your shirt, Pop Your Pup “cartoonizes” the photo and lets you choose the background. You can reflect your pet’s personality in the shirt too. 

Where to buy it: Easy –


Why it’s the perfect gift: See Above.

But really – there’s just something fun about customized socks! I’m the kind of person who enjoys funky socks (e.g. wearing Christmas socks year-round), so I love this as a present. 

Where to buy it: I found a couple places where you can buy customized socks. I don’t personally have a pair but if someone does and you have a recommendation, please let me know! Some places you can buy a pair:

Photo: DivvyUpSocks

Wine Glass

Why it’s the perfect gift: A custom wine glass is perfect for the wino animal lover in your life. Honestly, they don’t even have to be a wino – the hand-painted photo is cute in and of itself! This is the one I have of Roxanne – and I actually leave it out on display in my kitchen at all times. 

Where to buy it: My friend had a local friend handpaint this one of The Doodle, but here’s a similar shop on Etsy: Sixteen Three Stemware

Best Friends Dog Tag

Why it’s the perfect gift: With a matching dog tag, you can keep your furry friend by your side at all times. Now there are a couple options here – you can get a matching necklace, key chain, bracelet, you name it. They’re all good buys! 

Where to buy it: This depends on what option you choose. Here are some of my favorites (that I don’t have yet but will be adding to the wish list): 

Photo: Blue Lion Creations

Painting (and/or Drawing)

Why it’s the perfect gift: We decorate our homes with products and accessories that make us happy – and what else makes a crazy pet person more happy than their, well, pet? There are so many different types, sizes and colors you can buy, so it’ll match your decor no matter what. And talented artists can capture your pet’s personality in a unique way!

Where to buy it: As mentioned, there are SO many different options, so it all depends on your preference and budget. Just one simple search on Etsy brings up so many great options. Some examples of ones I love:

Photo: Artwork For Animals

Pop Your Pup also offers custom canvases and acrylic paints. 

Friendship Collar

Why it’s the perfect gift: The patterns and material you can choose from are super cute! And when people spot a pup and their owner together, they’ll know they’re BFF’s. I’d wear the bracelet even if Roxanne wasn’t matching – but it’s definitely an added bonus that my pup has the collar. 

Where to buy it:

Fabdog PJ's

Why it’s the perfect gift: Because wearing matching PJ’s with your pet is the exact amount of extra we need in our lives. But really, it’s something you can giggle about and take photos of – just like we did with our Christmas photos! And truthfully, I think the PJ’s are pretty comfy and wear them often (…even if Roxanne isn’t matching). 

Where to buy it: Check out all of FabDog’s PJ’s here

What’s the best “crazy pet person” gift you’ve ever received – or given? Leave a comment below (so I can add it to my wish list!)

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