Puppy Yoga is a Thing – Here’s Why You Need to Try It

Puppy Yoga is a Thing – Here’s Why You Need to Try It

Any activity that involves the word “puppy,” I’m interested. So when I learned that a local rescue, Saving Grace, was hosting a “puppy yoga” event, I purchased a ticket lightning fast. As background, I have taken yoga classes. I do consider myself a beginner but can keep up with the poses. All this to say, I went into puppy yoga knowing I’d be comfortable with the “yoga” part – but also not knowing what to expect with the “puppy” part. But, I was VERY eager to find out!

So because puppy yoga was new to me, I thought I’d share my experience with you. Spoiler alert: it was the greatest activity I’ve ever done! And I wanted to let you know why you need to sign up for a puppy yoga class ASAP.

The Details

The puppy yoga class was hosted by and held at Saving Grace, a non-profit based in North Carolina “dedicated to helping homeless animals in our community find permanent, loving homes where they will be treated as family members for the rest of their lives.” You know by now that I volunteer with a local rescue, so I am familiar with Saving Grace and their wonderful mission. (Shameless plug to adopt, don’t shop when looking for your next best friend!)

We were lucky enough for it to be a beautiful, warm sunny day so the yoga class happened in their side yard – with ample shade so you weren’t frying in the sun. That is one thing to be aware of if attending or planning a puppy yoga session – weather is definitely a factor, so consider having an indoor “plan b” if space allows (in case the weather doesn’t cooperate)!

Attendees brought their own gear, so my friend and I came prepared with:

  • A yoga mat 
  • Water
  • A towel
  • Comfy yoga clothes
  • …and our phones, of course, for lots of puppy pictures


Others may want to bring yoga blocks, straps etc. – but we knew we’d be keeping it pretty simple. And other puppy yoga classes may provide accessories on-site, so just be aware of what you might need to bring. 

Also, a reminder that this is puppy yoga, so make sure you bring accessories and wear clothes that you wouldn’t be too upset if they got a little dirty…or soiled 🙂 

What We've All Been Waiting for: Puppies

From the moment we stepped foot in the yard at Saving Grace, there were PUPPIES (that’s what we’re all there for, right?!) There were rambunctious pups running around, sleepy pups laying in the sun, and older pups just wanting to be pet.

Volunteers were placed all around the yard to keep an eye on the furry friends, so there was never any concern for the pups safety.

The yoga class began and there were puppies EVERYWHERE. It was a gentle yoga flow led by a wonderful instructor.  

Now, I will be honest with you and admit my friend and I didn’t actually do much yoga during the class. We followed along as much as we could but let’s be honest – once a puppy strolled by, we were distracted and completely focused on giving the pup as much love as we could. Then we’d jump right back in to the poses.

But what I loved most about the yoga class is, that’s what it was all about. Sure, we were all interested in doing some yoga. But I (and I’m sure most people around me) was really there to support the rescue and play with PUPPIES! The yoga was a welcome bonus – even if you don’t end up doing much of it 🙂

Best way to end the day

So we’re just about done with the yoga class and are relaxed and centered. But it wasn’t over yet! We were able to get even more of a puppy fix, as volunteers came around and handed us a puppy to sit with us as we wrapped up the class. What better way to end the day than holding a floppy, sleepy puppy?! 

From there, everyone slowly trickled out – and I will admit that my friend and I were the last ones there because…well again, who wouldn’t want to hold a puppy? And who would want to put a sleepy puppy down?! 

Eventually we did (regretfully) head out, but spent the entire drive home raving about how puppy yoga was the greatest activity we’ve signed up for – and how we need to do it more often. 

Why you need to take a puppy yoga class

This was my first experience with a puppy yoga class, but I can confidently say I will be signing up for the next one that comes around! Here’s why you should check out your local rescues and shelters and see if they’re hosting a similar event:

  1. You’re supporting the rescue or shelter  – there’s often a very reasonable cost to attend the classes. That money is going straight back to the rescue or shelter, helping them to continue saving animals.
  2. You’re getting outdoors and getting some exercise in – hopefully the weather cooperates and you are able to take the class outside. But even if you’re indoors, you’re getting a good workout in (while getting some puppy play time in as well).
  3. …You get to play with puppies – need I say more?
  4. You’re meeting adoptable dogs – maybe you’re looking to add a new best friend to your home or know someone who is. Getting to interact with the pups during the class will help you see their personalities. Who knows, you or someone you know may end up putting in an adoption application! 
  1. You’ll feel amazing afterwards – yoga by itself is such a great, relaxing, grounding workout. Add puppies to the mix and your day is guaranteed to be brighter and happier. 

Have you taken a puppy yoga class? What did you think? Next on my to do list is to take a goat yoga class (ha!) so let me know if you have!

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