Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

Can you believe it’s already July?! I feel like I just wrote my New Year’s Resolution post, and now 2019 is halfway over. But now, we can enjoy cookouts, sunshine – and Independence Day!

We love to celebrate July 4th in the U.S. For most of us, it’s an opportunity to bring family and friends together. We can grill up some good food and go swimming. And, maybe even check out some fireworks.

While enjoying the July 4th festivities, don’t forget to keep your furry friends safe. Fireworks are often very scary for pets. The loud noises can stress them out, or even cause them to run away. Not only that, but pets can get into something they shouldn’t while you’re hosting or at a get-together.  

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on the Fourth of July. 


  1. Make sure your pet has identification. You should always have the proper identification for your pet, but use July 4th as a reminder to check! Should your pet happen to get lost, make sure they have a collar with up-to-date contact information, and consider microchipping. Be sure you have a recent photo of them as well. 
  2. Make a plan so you know where your pet will be during the festivities. Don’t try to just “wing it” while you’re having fun with your friends and family. You may end up putting your pet in a scary situation that was easily preventable. 
  3. Tire your pet out. Regardless of what the plan is, tire your pet out before the celebrations begin! Take them on an extra long walk, bring them on a hike, spend more time playing fetch that morning. Since you’ll be leaving them home / in a safe spot during the festivities, making sure they’re tired help make it easier on them – hey, they might even sleep through some of it! 


  1. Keep your pet inside. Again, the July 4th celebrations can be scary for pets. If you’re hosting a get-together, keep your pets inside. If the get-together is inside, make sure your pet is in a safe location. You wouldn’t want them getting into something (food, drinks…anything) they shouldn’t! And this should go without saying but – if you won’t be home, keep your pets at home, inside.  
  2. Make sure your pet is in an escape-proof location when fireworks begin. Following the previous step, they are already inside. Make sure wherever you keep them inside is 1. safe and 2. escape-proof. I’ve seen way too many frightening photos of a dog who jumped through a window or even a sliding glass door because the fireworks scared them. Never put them in an unsafe location, and always make sure they can’t easily escape if they get scared. 
  3. Block out sound. For example, turn on the TV or radio for your pet. Anything that’ll help drown out the fireworks or other noises. 


  1. Check your surroundings. Now that the fun (for the humans) is over, make sure you check your surroundings. Do a walk-through of the yard and make sure there aren’t any leftover food scraps or firework debris. Do a walk-through of your kitchen, living room etc. to make sure there isn’t anything your pet could get into. Once you know everything is cleaned up, it’s safe to let your pet out! 
  2. Be prepared for any delayed celebrations. While we know most people celebrate the afternoon and evening of July 4th itself, be mindful that there are sometimes delayed celebrations. Maybe someone in your neighborhood decides to light off one last firework at 11 p.m. Or maybe someone was working on July 4th and decides to celebrate on July 5th. While you can’t control this, just be aware and keep a close eye on your pet. 

I hope everyone has a fun – and safe – Independence Day! 

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