The Ultimate Pet Parent Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Pet Parent Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and let our crazy pet parent mindset shine through! If you’re anything like me, 90% of your wish list is pet-related.

With only two weeks left until Christmas (crazy!), here’s the ultimate “last minute” gift guide for you to find the perfect gift for a fellow crazy pet parent. Or, to inspire some gift ideas for yourself! 

I Could Chew on this: And Other Poems by Dogs

A family member got this book for us and let me tell you…we crack up at every poem! This is the perfect coffee table book and it very accurately portrays a dog’s thoughts. 

Pick up a copy from Chewy, Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Photo: Chewy

Furbo Dog Camera

I’ve recommended the Furbo Dog Camera before, and still think it’s a great gift! You can see your pets while you’re away (…aka stalk your pet all day, wondering why you ever left them in the first place). You can also talk to them through the speaker and even toss treats to them! 

Check out Furbo to learn more. It’s also available from Amazon

Photo: Furbo

donation to a local rescue or shelter

Helping to save a life is the perfect gift for any animal lover. Donate to a local rescue or shelter in someone’s name this holiday season – or even sponsor an animal for adoption on behalf of a loved one! 

Photo: APA

I'd Rather Be With my Dog Shirt

Ask any pet parent if they’d rather be with their dog, and I’m confident the answer will be “yes!” I have an “I’d Rather Be With My Dog” shirt and get so many compliments on it. 

Plus, this company donates 5-10% of its sales every month to a different animal rescue or cause. It’s a win-win gift!

Photo: I'd Rather Be With My Dog

Pet House Candle

As cute as pets are…they don’t always smell like roses. Candles are a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone, and this brand is made with 100% natural soy wax and no dyes.

Find your favorite scent at One Fur All Pets and even find select options from Chewy

Photo: One Fur All Pets

2020 Dog Planner

It’s almost the new year, which means many people are shopping around for a new planner. With this planner, they can stay organized in style – and with a smile every time they look at these cartoon pups. 

Get this planner from Paper Source. 

Photo: Paper Source

Dog Ate my Mad Libs

We’re all in agreement Mad Libs are funny…add dogs in to the picture, and they get even funnier! This Mad Libs book features 21 stories inspired by Fido, and will keep everyone giggling.

You can find Dog Ate My Mad Libs at a number of places, including Amazon, TargetWalmart and more. 

Photo: Amazon

Dog Treats CookBook

Got a friend who loves to bake? Do they have a dog who loves to eat? (Is that even a question?) – check out The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook! This includes 50 “canine tested, veterinarian-approved” recipes that any pup would drool over. 

Get your copy from Amazon

Photo: Amazon

Pooch Selfie

We all want to take photos with our pets…but they don’t always cooperate. The Pooch Selfie uses a tennis ball to help you get the perfect selfie! Just attach it to a smartphone and you’ll be able to snap all the photos you could ever want. 

Check out Pooch Selfie, Chewy or Bed Bath & Beyond

Photo: Chewy

Wisdom Panel DNA Test

Us humans want to know our ancestry, so who wouldn’t want to know their pup’s ancestry as well?? For rescue parents, their dog’s breed can be a guessing game. Help take some of the guesswork out of it with a Wisdom Panel DNA test.

We did this test for Roxanne (which is how I found out I’m a border collie mom!), and just sent in the test for Gracie as well. 

Photo: Wisdom Panel

BarkBox Subscription

A dog mom or dad can never have too many toys (or treats!) for their pup. Consider gifting a subscription to BarkBox this season. It’s the perfect “last-minute” (or any minute!) gift. BarkBox’s are delivered monthly, and you can gift one month or up to a full year subscription.

Not sure which subscription to go with, or want to leave it up to the recipient? You can purchase a gift card! 

Photo: BarkBox

Dog Print Toiletry Bag

Have a loved one who loves to travel? Help them travel in style with this dog print toiletry bag! It’s fun, it’s cute and it embraces their crazy pet self…what more could they want?!

This toiletry bag is available on Amazon

Photo: Amazon

Wipe Your Paws Doormat

For the home (or apartment) owner in your life, gift them the perfect doormat. Anyone who goes to knock on their door will know there are some furry friends (and a pet lover too) waiting on the other side!

You can find this doormat from Home Depot. Also check out Amazon, Etsy or even HomeGoods / TJ Maxx for similar ones!

Photo: Home Depot

Paw Print Earrings

They say jewelry is always a good idea…right? Why not find jewelry that embraces someone’s inner crazy pet parent! 

These diamond-like studs are from Chewy. Looking for the real thing? Check out these white gold earrings from Zales!

Photo: Chewy

Dog Print Kitchen Towel

Know someone who loves to cook? I’m sure their pet is quite the helper in the kitchen (ha!). These sketched dog print towels are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer – and it comes at such a good price!

Find this one at World Market

Photo: World Market

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