Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Are you like me and love to include your dog in your Easter celebrations? Then you may also be like me in just realizing Easter is coming up quickly! Today I’m sharing some last-minute items to put in your dog’s Easter basket and ways to include your pet in the celebrations.

Dog Easter celebration

Themed Toys

There’s still time to find the perfect stuffed, squeaky, crinkly toy! Here are some of my favorite places to look:

  • Your local pet boutique – I love shopping small, so first check out a local pet place in your area! They may still have toys available and you can support a local business at the same time.
  • Target – Since Targets are nearly everywhere, this is a great place to check out! Before making the trip, you can even look at their “Easter gifts for pets” section of their website to see what’s at a store near you or order online for in-store pickup. 
Easter dog toy
Photo: Chewy (Easter egg hide and seek dog toy)
  • HomeGoods/TJ Maxx – If you have one of these stores near you, I definitely recommend checking there. Their pet section is usually stocked full with options at the store near me, with holiday themed toys available as it gets closer.
  • Chewy – There’s an entire “Easter dog & cat toy” section, and Chewy offers free 1-3 day shipping over a certain dollar amount so there’s still time!

These are just a few examples…there are many options so look around at local stores or even check out places like Amazon and Petsmart!

Easter Treats

This can include both store-bought treats and homemade! For store-bought, I recommend checking out local bakers and pet boutiques. I’ve always had success with adorable, creative treats that my girls find delicious. 

Baking treats at home is a fun way to spend the day and you can test out different recipes and fun shapes. Here are a few recipes to try:

Peanut butter Easter egg dog treats
Photo: Moments with Mandi

(I’m going to try one of these recipes for my girls and will share how it goes. If you try one out, let me know the results!)

Easter Egg Hunts

Now this isn’t necessarily for the Easter basket but you can start with the eggs in the basket before hiding them! This is one of my favorite Easter activities with my pups! It’s a fun form of mental stimulation and boy do they love the treats. 

Let’s get to the point:

  • Buy some plastic Easter eggs that you would find at any other Easter egg hunt
  • Fill the eggs with yummy treats (meaty treats, crunchy treats, a mix of the two…anything!)
  • Hide the eggs around your yard or house (make sure the pups can reach it of course, and remember where you hid all of them!)
  • Let your pups find them! They’ll love the sniffing adventure and the reward of course. Be sure to monitor your pup as they eat (watch to see if they need help opening the plastic egg so they don’t hurt themselves on it, and to make sure they don’t eat the plastic!)
Dog Easter egg hunt
Live-action shot of Doodle during last year’s egg hunt

What other ways do you include your furry friends in your Easter celebrations? Leave a comment below!

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