How a Knee Scooter Improved My Doodle Diaries: A Personal Experience

As an avid devotee of both doodling and journaling, there’s nothing I love more than spending long hours with my notebook and pen at the ready. In this oasis of creation, my mind is free to explore realms of epistemological virtue and impart knowledge gained from my own unique experiences. However, all of that came to an abrupt halt when I sustained an injury to my foot. The arduous process of getting comfortable at my desk and carrying out simple tasks like going to the bathroom was dizzying. Thankfully, a colleague suggested that I consider using a knee scooter, and my life was never the same.

Rediscovering My Freedom

The Resurgence of Creativity

With the knee scooter as my companion, I found myself perched on my sofa with my foot comfortably resting on the cushion provided by my newfound friend. With a flick of a button, I was able to maneuver the handlebar into the optimal position, aligning it with perfect ergonomics, and allowing me to work while caught up in the desire to create something beautiful.

That’s the beauty of a knee scooter; it frees you up from the limitations of perspective, giving you unexpected moments of respite that allow for meditative reflection, enabling and inspiring the creation of an art form that is uniquely one’s own. The revival of my creativity was as much a result of my determination as it was the rapturous complexion of my surroundings, thus allowing me the opportunity to reflect on the wisdom that comes from personal experience.

Each turn of the wheel became a commitment to myself that a new day would come, one that would be filled with possibility and the wonder of reinvention. With every gust of wind that brushed against my face, I could feel myself reclaiming lost parts of myself, freeing myself from the shackles of limitation and doubt, and empowering my life on wheels.


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