Welcome to The Doodle Diaries! I’m Gina and this is Roxanne, the inspiration behind this blog.

About Me

I’ve always loved animals and have always thought of dogs as part of the family. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own and adopted my own rescue pup, Roxanne, that I discovered just how much a dog becomes part of your family. In fact, I discovered how a dog becomes your first child (hopefully my “crazy dog lady” isn’t making you run away just yet).

So what is this blog? Well, I want to share my life as a proud rescue mom. You see, since adopting Roxanne, my life has changed for the better. I’ve started volunteering at my local SPCA, I now only buy cruelty-free home and beauty products, I encourage all friends and family to adopt, I created an Instagram dedicated to my dog obsession…you get the idea! This blog is all about my life as a dog mom, which is all thanks to Roxanne, and I hope it will be a platform for dog parents,friends and lovers to come together and share our obsession, our tips and tricks, adoption success stories and more.

I’m sure you’re wondering where the name “The Doodle Diaries” came from. Well, from Roxanne of course! See, every pet parent knows that your dog’s nickname is never close to their actual name. When I first named Roxanne, I started calling her “Roxanna-danna” – because rhyming is always necessary. That led to Roxanna-danna-doodle which, as I’m sure you can guess, then led to just Doodle. Now, she’s Roxanne but is also regularly known as Doodle, or The Doodle – or sometimes Doodly-do, Doodle Hopper, Doodle Butt etc. Since I’m a dog mom thanks to The Doodle, it just makes sense to name this after her – so here we are with The Doodle Diaries!

(A Little More) About Me

Getting a bit more personal – I’m a former New Englander who recently moved to Raleigh, North Carolina with my now fiance Colin and, of course, Roxanne. Despite both of us growing up in Connecticut, Colin and I were, frankly, sick of the cold and would’ve done anything to get away from the snowy winters (which seemed to last from October through April each year). So, in February 2018, we packed up and moved 600+ miles away to the land of the pines and haven’t looked back since.

So what do I like to do on the weekends? I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear this but I like to spend my time with dogs. You can usually find me taking Roxanne for a walk or a hike (we live in a great part of Raleigh with access to a trail in our neighborhood) or volunteering at the SPCA. If I’m not doing either of these things, I’m probably at home binge-watching The Office or Gilmore Girls on Netflix or checking out some of the great restaurants we have here in Raleigh – because who doesn’t love great food.

About Roxanne

Roxanne is perfect. The End.

Ok yes, she is perfect, but a little more about her: she’s a 7 year old Border Collie mix (thank you, Wisdom Panel, for helping me find this out). She’s about 50% Border Collie, mixed with a little bit of Foxhound and Lab – and some mutt – who knows what else! I adopted Roxanne, formerly known as Skittles, from Companion Pet Rescue (CPR) when she was only about 11 weeks old. Roxanne was in a high kill shelter in Tennessee with her sibling when CPR pulled them and transported them to Connecticut for adoption.

Wanna Say Hi?

Send me an email at lifewiththedoodle@gmail.com! I’d love to see photos of your furry friend, hear your pet’s adoption story – or just talk.

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